historiophiliac — one with an abnormal appetite or liking for studying history

(Contrast with historiophile — one with an affinity for studying history.  –philiac indicates deviancy from convention.)

After getting my B.A. in History and a Master’s Degree in the same, I decided not to pursue a place in the profession.  Initially, my goal was to become a credentialed professional academic.  My experience with professionals and professionals-in-training and dissatisfaction with the training, however, led me to abandon my plan.  I wanted to be able to practice history my way — focusing on a literary approach, pursuing synthetic studies, and rejecting the use of the scientific model for a humanistic pursuit.  I am too educated to be a dilettante and too passionate to be an antiquarian.  I consider myself an independent historian.  I no longer belong to any professional historical associations.  At school, my areas of specialization were American social history from the end of the Civil War to World War II, American legal history during the same period (with a focus on law enforcement), and philosophy of history.

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